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A is for America

An alphabetical introduction to the history, geography, and culture of the Americas.

Excerpt from A is for America

D is for El Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead, a holiday widely celebrated throughout the Spanish-speaking world. Mexican families decorate cemeteries with paper streamers and bright marigold bouquets. To remember and celebrate the people they loved, the families pray at the graves and picnic on the favorite foods of those who died. In some regions, children wear skeleton masks and buy skull-shaped pastries and candies.

1999 Scholastics - Hardcover/Paperback

A is for Asia

An alphabetical introduction to the diverse peoples, lands, and cultures of the world's largest continent.

Excerpt from A is for Asia

A is for Asia, one-third of the earth. Asia has the highest mountains in the world, the Himalayas, and the lowest basin, the Dead Sea. It includes not only China, Japan, Korea, and India, but also a large part of Russia, most of the Middle East, and many of the island nations of the Pacific. Asia is home to more than half of the people in the world and birthplace to some of the world's oldest cultures.
H is for Holi, a holiday of chills and thrills. A Hindu festival in India, Holi celebrates the colors of spring. During this holiday, children sneak up on their friends and drench them with colored water.
K is for kites, fluttering in the wind. Dragon wings, bats and butterflies dance in the skies where everyone flies prized kites. Kite-flying is a national pastime in Korea, but it is also popular in other Asian countries.

1997 Orchard Books, NY - Hardcover

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