Almond Cookies & Dragon Well Tea

Erica, a European American girl, visits the home of Nancy, her Chinese American friend. In her glimpse of Nancy's cultural heritage, Erica finds much to admire and enjoy. In introducing her friend to her family's culture, Nancy discovers that she needn't feel embarrassed or ashamed about it. Together, the two girls learn that the more they share, the more each of them has. A wonderful story to help instill pride in children in their ethnic heritage rather than feelings of shame or embarrassment. An excellent story about cross-cultural friendship. 36 pages, full color, hardbound with paper jacket.

An Excerpt from Almond Cookies & Dragon Well Tea

She called to Nancy, "Look! The pigeons can almost eat the peanuts out of my hand!" Her fear of the pigeons reminded her that before she came to visit Nancy, she had been afraid of going to a new strange house. Now it didn't feel strange or different at all."


1993 Polychrome Publishing, Chicago - Hardcover
ISBN: 978-1879965034

"When you leap with love in your heart, you never land in the wrong place." - Kevin Kiser